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Conic Solutions creates digital products that drive progress to your business

Our focus is on building digital products that empower people to achieve their goals. From custom software to mobile apps and websites, we use our expertise in technology to create solutions that drive progress.
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About Us

Conic Solutions is a digital development agency that specializes in building tools to help individuals and businesses succeed.
Our team has expertise in creating custom software, mobile apps, and websites that streamline tasks, connect people with resources, and drive progress.

Our tools are designed to make a meaningful impact on businesses, and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals through technology.

Custom digital solutions

Conic Solutions is specializes in creating software applications, mobile apps, and websites that are tailored to your business, specific needs and goals. Whether it’s a custom application to streamline internal processes or a mobile app to connect people with resources, our team is dedicated to help you growth.

Our products

Our company specializes in building online tools that help people with their businesses. From software applications that automate manual processes to mobile apps that streamline daily tasks, our team has the expertise and experience to create innovative solutions that drive progress and make a meaningful impact.

Our projects and solutions

Our company’s purpose is to help individuals and businesses succeed through custom digital solutions. Whether it’s a software application to automate internal processes or a mobile app to connect people with resources, we are dedicated to building tools that make a meaningful impact on people’s lives and businesses.

Conic Board

Discover Conic Board, the ultimate solution for project management, time tracking, detailed reports, HR management, and CRM. Streamline your workflow and boost productivity.


Web Shop App

Get your web shop up and running in no time with Conic – the all-in-one solution that offers free hosting and maintenance starting at just $20 a month. Say goodbye to high costs and technical headaches, and hello to effortless online success with Conic Solutions.


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